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CITY BLINDS - make it safe campaign

Child safety is always of paramount concern and The British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) is urging homeowners and building users where children are present to ensure they consider reducing potential risks associated with blind operating cords.

To offer support the BBSA has launched a campaign called 'make it safe' to provide practical advice regarding blind cord safety and to highlight to options available to make your window blind safe.

The BBSA and its members have been very active in developing simple, effective, low-cost safety features that are suitable for all blinds. The include a safe way of securing the cords by tension devices as well as connectors which simply pull apart should undue pressure be applied but that can simply be connected again. There are also different operating methods and even window blinds which do not have looped cords, so there are lots of different options available.

Many of the options offered by the BBSA members can be retrofitted to existing blinds so you do not have to wait until you replace a blinds to improve its safety.

Commenting on the 'make it safe' campaign, local BBSA member Kevin McGee of City Blinds said, "We place the highest emphasis of the safe installation of all of our products. In line with the relevant European Standard and BBSA guidelines we ensure any product we supply can be fitted with a safety device. Accidents with blinds are thankfully extremely rare but we are conscious that there are significant numbers of blinds already at windows which could pose a risk so we are always happy to provide advice".

The BBSA website www.bbsa.org.uk contains more information on the 'make it safe' campaign, but for specific advice contact your local BBSA member, City Blinds on 0800 056 88 85.


You can take a number of practical, simple precautions to significantly reduce the risk.

Secure looped cords and chains using one of the available safety
devices. Typical examples are:


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